Marina Warner

Public discussion: “How does self-censorship work for a writer?”, European Alliance of Academies Conference, 26 August

August 3, 2023

Marina is taking part in a conference on Freedom of Artistic Expression in Literature in the 21st Century, organised by the European Alliance of Academies, which is taking place 26-27th August, at Homerton College, Cambridge.

The public discussion Marina is participating in is titled “How does self-censorship work for a writer?” and she will be in discussion with Réka Borda, Bianca Bellová and Ferenc Czinki. Daljit Nagra will chair the event.

At a time of rising tension between the freedom of the artist and counter voices across Britain and Europe, this panel discuss the extent to which writers are limited in their creative expression. What responsibilities writers must consider while being aware that freedom of expression is becoming an increasingly politicised activity at a time of increasing extremism.

The discussion is on Saturday 26 August, 5-6.30pm.

To find out more about this session and discover the rest of the weekend programme, go to the European Alliance website here and read more extensive notes on contributors here.