Marina Warner

Current Projects

Inventory of a Life Mislaid

Most recently, Marina has been working on a novel inspired by her father’s bookshop in Egypt in the Fifties, entitled Inventory of a Life Mislaid. Two related essays, Anglo-Egyptian Attitudes and Those Brogues, have been published in the London Review of Books.

Sanctuary: Living in the Country of Words

Marina’s current research revolves around the theme of sanctuaries, with a particular reference to the myth of Dido.

Rawaa or a Dance Idea

Rawaa comes from Arabic – the root for words meaning “to water” or “to relate”. The theme was explored by Marina in an essay called Rawaa or a Dance Idea , published July 2017 and developed into a ballet workshop first held at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, in November 2017 (see here).