Marina Warner

Current Projects

Stories in Transit

Stories in Transit organises storytelling workshops in the UK and in Palermo, bringing young migrant students together with artists, writers and musicians.
The project aspires to work with displaced individuals, whatever their status. Its work does not extend approval, tacitly or otherwise, to conditions that curtail the right to freedom of movement and work for refugees; no man or woman should be made to pay for their survival with their dignity. The project’s hope of improving those circumstances should not be taken as an acceptance (“normalisation”) of the restrictions imposed on arrivants from any country.

18th January 2019
Loss Sings Arabic Poetry and Stories in Translation: a series of workshops at Birkbeck and SOAS. Presented by Marina Warner and Wen-chin Ouyang at Birkbeck College, University of London

Loss sings event poster

Marina Warner and Valentina Castagna – ‘Refugees in Sicily’ published in Letters To The Editor, The TLS 09 November 2018, p6

‘Stories in Transit/Storie in transito: Storytelling and arrivants’ voices in Sicily, with Valentina Castagna’, Migration and the Contemporary Mediterranean (2018), pp. 223-243


Inventory of a Life Mislaid

Most recently, Marina has been completing a novel inspired by her father’s bookshop in Egypt in the Fifties, entitled Inventory of a Life Mislaid. The book is to be published in spring 2021 by William Collins, London.



Two related essays, Anglo-Egyptian Attitudes and Those Brogues, have been published in the London Review of Books.


Sanctuary: Living in the Country of Words

Marina Warner is currently working on a historical study of Sanctuary in relation to the current displacement of so many. The book is interwoven with the project Stories in Transit


Rawaa or a Dance Idea

Rawaa comes from Arabic – the root for words meaning “to water” or “to relate”. The theme was explored by Marina in an essay called Rawaa or a Dance Idea , published July 2017 and developed into a ballet workshop first held at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, in November 2017 (see here).