Marina Warner

The Whirligig of Time

On this page, you will find various stories and snippets from the press spanning the decades.

‘Who are the smartest of London’s smart girls?’

c.1964, Marina was included in a piece titled ‘Who are the smartest of London’s smart girls?’, found in the archive of Maggie Jenck (also featured). The columnist writes:

‘Persuaded to London, she eats in places like the Ouzel Galley off Fulham Road; prefers the theatre to dinner (likes Samuel Beckett plays best); hasn’t taken her long black hair to the hairdresser for 18 months. Designs and makes all her own clothes and would like to make a career of designing theatrical costumes.’

Read the full piece on Marina in the image below!

‘Morgan Le Faythful’

In April 1968, Marina was working as a staff writer at the Daily Telegraph Magazine and proposed a poster to the editor that resulted in an iconic Marianne Faithfull as the most glorious cover girl. This blog gives more information about the poster, designed by Peter Blake and his wife Jann Haworth.

Edward Said, Reith Lectures 1993

Marina met Edward Said when he gave his Reith Lectures in 1993, which addressed ‘Representations of the Intellectual’. More to follow…!