Marina Warner



19 June – Sophie Collins, Irenosen Okojie, Mireia Calafell, Anna Gual: Poetising the Tomorrow, Kosmopolis 21
What words do we need for thinking about the future? Are the concepts and ideas of the past of any use or must we create new ones to name another possible world? Where will we find these words that have not yet been spoken? During the Thinking Biennale, the CCCB promoted the project of audiovisual creation A Vocabulary for the Future, which set into dialogue some thirty local and international thinkers, writers, and visual creators so that they could imagine together an alternative, more hospitable future. Marina will give the starting signal for this poetic and audiovisual recital where Collins and Okojie will read their texts by videoconference, accompanied from the CCCB by the poets Mireia Calafell and Anna Gual who will lead the session.
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18 June – Lana Bastašić, Tatiana Țîbuleac, and Xènia Dyakonova: Writing in Turbulence, Kosmopolis 21
In Kosmopolis, Lana Bastašić and Tatiana Țîbuleac will share the stage for the first time to speak about literature and turbulences. Turbulences because their books are shocking, full of extreme characters and dysfunctional relationships.In this session the audiovisual piece Eunoe, with a text by Marina Warner and images by Alba Cros, will be premiered. This work is part of the project A Vocabulary for the Future. More information and tickets available here.

3 July, Essex festival at Southend, with Sophie Herxheimer

11 July, Dancing with Apollo, dance event at Spitalfields Festival (The Octagon, Queen Mary University, London)
With Sara Trickey (violin), Cathy Marston (choreography), Marina Warner (libretto)

A programme of music, dance and commentary centred on Greek myth, ranging from Szymanowski’s impressionistic and exotic vision of characters from ancient Greek myth, to Stravinsky’s sparkling neo-classical interpretation of ancient Greek song forms, to David Matthews’ lyrical version of the story of Venus and Adonis, composed for Sara Trickey. We also have the premiere of a new piece by Festival Curator Edmund Finnis, featuring dancers directed by the acclaimed choreographer, Kim Brandstrup. Marina Warner completes the line-up, shedding light on the meaning and history behind the works.
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July 30, Yeats Summer School, Sligo – ‘Speaking the Faery tongue”
Preliminary information can be found here.

23 September, 3.30pm – Chipping Camden Festival