Marina Warner


16 October, Acqui Storia Prize Ceremony, Marina Warner formally awarded as Winner of the 54th Special Lifetime Achievement Award, Acqui Terme, Italy
The 2020 Special Lifetime Achievement Award, established in 2009, was awarded to Marina Warner (due to the emergency crisis she was unable to receive the award last year). The prize was founded in 1968 for remembering the victims of the Acqui Military Division, who died in Kephalonia and Corfu (September 13–26, 1943) fighting against the Nazis. The Acqui Storia Award aims to spread the knowledge of historiographical and popular research at national and international level. From Sunday 10 October to Monday 17 October, the exhibition “Dialoghi” was held in the halls of Palazzo Robellini, in Piazza Levi in Acqui Terme, where a large number of books, archival-documentary, journalistic and iconographic material dating back to the decades of second of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and referring to the Jewish world of Acqui were shown.

23 September, 3.30pm – Chipping Campden Literature Festival, Montrose Suite, Cotswold House Hotel, £8
Marina will be presenting her most recent publication, Inventory of a Life Mislaid as part of the festival based in the ancient town of Chipping Campden, nestled in the tranquil and rolling countryside of the North Cotswolds. More information available here.

July 30, 62nd Yeats International Summer School, Sligo – ‘Speaking the Faery tongue”, Jul 30, 2021 08:00 PM Dublin time, on Zoom

For the first time since its inception, the Yeats International Summer School will be taking place online. Between 29th and 31st of July, a number of seminars and lectures will take place via zoom, including seminars by Philip Coleman, Lucy Collins and Guy Beiner. Marina will give one of the lectures, on July 30th at 8pm Dublin time, via zoom. More information about events and schedules can be found here. Tickets for select events and seminars are available here.

11 July, Dancing with Apollo, dance event at Spitalfields Festival (Hall One, Kings Place, London)
With Sara Trickey (violin), Cathy Marston (choreography), Marina Warner (libretto)

A programme of music, dance and commentary centred on Greek myth, ranging from Szymanowski’s impressionistic and exotic vision of characters from ancient Greek myth, to Stravinsky’s sparkling neo-classical interpretation of ancient Greek song forms, to David Matthews’ lyrical version of the story of Venus and Adonis, composed for Sara Trickey. We also have the premiere of a new piece by Festival Curator Edmund Finnis, featuring dancers directed by the acclaimed choreographer, Kim Brandstrup. Marina Warner completes the line-up, shedding light on the meaning and history behind the works.
More information and tickets can be found here.
“Fascinating, all of it.”, according to the Guardian Review – read it here.

3 July, Essex festival at Southend, with Sophie Herxheimer

30 June – Marina Warner in conversation with Stella Tillyard, Sally Bayley and Charles Burdett.
Chaired by Katia Pizzi 

More information and a link to the event can be found here.

19 June – Sophie Collins, Irenosen Okojie, Mireia Calafell, Anna Gual: Poetising the Tomorrow, Kosmopolis 21
What words do we need for thinking about the future? Are the concepts and ideas of the past of any use or must we create new ones to name another possible world? Where will we find these words that have not yet been spoken? During the Thinking Biennale, the CCCB promoted the project of audiovisual creation A Vocabulary for the Future, which set into dialogue some thirty local and international thinkers, writers, and visual creators so that they could imagine together an alternative, more hospitable future. Marina will give the starting signal for this poetic and audiovisual recital where Collins and Okojie will read their texts by videoconference, accompanied from the CCCB by the poets Mireia Calafell and Anna Gual who will lead the session.
More info and tickets can be found here.

18 June – Lana Bastašić, Tatiana Țîbuleac, and Xènia Dyakonova: Writing in Turbulence, Kosmopolis 21
In Kosmopolis, Lana Bastašić and Tatiana Țîbuleac will share the stage for the first time to speak about literature and turbulences. Turbulences because their books are shocking, full of extreme characters and dysfunctional relationships.In this session the audiovisual piece Eunoe, with a text by Marina Warner and images by Alba Cros, will be premiered. This work is part of the project A Vocabulary for the Future. More information and tickets available here.


16 June 2021 – Pavement Prophecies and Papercuts by Sophie Herxheimer, exhibition preview, Book Art Bookshop, London, 6pm-8pm
Come to see an exhibition of the wonderful papercut illustrations made for Marina’s  “Inventory of a Life mislaid. An unreliable memoir”. Read about Sophie’s process in her “Spilling the Ink” blog post: The exhibition wil also feature Sophie’s entire deck of 78 prophetic cards INDEX, published by Zimzalla. Signed copies will be available.

10 June 2021 – Under the Rainbow: Voices from Lockdown, TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities)
Under the Rainbow: Voices from Lockdown will feature the author James Attlee in discussion with Marina Warner and Professor Pablo Mukherjee (Warwick University). Chaired by Professor Wes Williams, TORCH Director.
More information can be found here. The event can be watched live here.

14 May, 6pm: For Sama: The Political Art of Subtitling. With Wafa Tarnowska. Birkbeck Arts Week

12 May, 6pm: Dream Stones workshop with Sophie Herxheimer, Birkbeck Arts week


9 May – ‘Artistic Freedom in Europe’, organized by the European Alliance of Academies
The European Alliance of Academies is using the occasion of Europe Day to advocate for the freedom of art. What legal and political opportunities are there to defend it? How can artistic collaboration take place in the digital space? What role does Europe play for artists? Political and artistic possibilities for action will be discussed in collaboration with the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Alliance stakeholders from all over Europe. Marina, alongside a number of representatives and stakeholders from culture and politics in Europe, will give a talk in reference to Artistic Freedom in Europe. The recording will be made available online as of May 9th. More information and links to the recording available here.

5-7 May 2021 – European Humanities Conference, Lisbon
More information available here.

3 May 2021 – Our Friend Julian – Writers defend Julian Assange #WorldPressFreedomDay
‘The main principle of uncovering truth needs to be defended and the rights of prisoners who have not been charged or tried are in urgent need of defence.’ Marina Warner DBE
On May 3rd, World Press Day, eleven distinguished writers, including Marina, were heard in defence of Julian Assange. Assange is still being held in Belmarsh prison, as he awaits an appeal from the US government against Westminster Magistrates Court’s earlier refusal to extradite him. These eleven voices represent the eleven years since WikiLeaks released filmed footage of the killing of Iraqi civilians on a pavement in Baghdad by a US gunship. The event will be introduced by world famous musician Brian Eno and he and Marina Warner will be joined by A.L. Kennedy, Charles Harris, Jan Woolf, Matt Devereaux, Richard Bradbury, Robert Ilson, George Szirtes, Michael Rosen, and actors Zoe Aaronson and Gilles Madan reading Adrian Mitchell’s great poem ‘To Whom it May Concern’.
The full video can be watched here.

29 April 2021 – ‘The Bravery of Carola Rackete’ by Marina, posted on
“…people are leaving home because home is no longer habitable,”, in Marina’s new piece, The Bravery of Carola Rackete. In 2019, Carola, an environmental scientist and researcher, broke the law to save forty refugees who faced a dreadful and inhuman choice, that of certain death by either drowning or dehydration. The media storm that followed Carola’s act of bravery and empathy finally brought to the public’s attention the truth that the refugee crisis is inextricably linked to the climate catastrophe.


28 April, 7-8pm – UEA (University of East Anglia) Live: Marina Warner in conversation with Sophie Herxheimer
Marina Warner will be discussing her family memoir ‘Inventory of a Life Mislaid’ with the book’s illustrator, Sophie Herxheimer. Alison Winch, UEA Live co-director and lecturer in Media Studies at UEA, will chair the event. More information available here.
Here is a blog post by Sophie about the forthcoming event, complete with pictures as a preview.

March 31, 6.30pm – Royal Society of literature event with Amin Maalouf

24 March – LRB Screen at Home Season 3: Messages in a Bottle, featuring Marina Warner on Stanley and His Daughters, 2018
LRB Screen at Home is back for the hopefully finally stretch of lockdown. Over the course of twelve weeks, host Gareth Evans will introduce a special guest in conversation alongside a remarkable documentary drawn from the vast archive of hundreds of films made under the banner of BBC TV’s Arena, the world’s longest-running television arts series. On 24 of March, Marina’s contribution will talk about how Stanley Spencer’s visionary art, his obsession with his work and intense private life wreaked havoc on his family. We follow his daughters’ relationship – fractured, fraught but ultimately loving – as they try to understand and reclaim their father and investigate their family’s emotional archaeology. (Dir. Francis Hanly). More info and tickets for the series are available here.

18th March – 17th April – Marina speaks about The Bird Game
Film and Video Umbrella and the Rothschild Foundation are pleased to announce a month-long online screening of Marianna Simnett’s The Bird Game (2019), accompanied by a new film Confessions of a Crow (2021), where writers Marina Warner, Charlie Fox and James Bridle, artist Lindsey Mendick, and composer Oliver Coates speak eloquently about The Bird Game’s overlapping themes, which range from the insidious impact of new digital technologies to the enduring power of fantasy and mythology, and focus on the hypnotic, addictive and increasingly sleepless hyperactivity of contemporary life.

17th March – Ted Hughes’s Crow at 50: A Seminar
Marina, together with Alice Oswald, Mark Cocker and Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, will be part of a panel discussing Ted Hughes’ Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its publication. In the fifty years since Crow’s publication, poets, sculptors, musicians and environmentalists have been amongst those disturbed and inspired by its mysterious energy, its anger and its comedy. To mark this anniversary, a distinguished panel will be exploring Crow on the page and Crow through the air.
The seminar will take place online on Wednesday, 17th March 2020 at 6pm-8pm (GMT). For more information about the seminar, click here. A video recording of the seminar can be found here.

March 15, 7pm-8.30pm: The Last Tuesday Society, Bedtime Stories with Viktor Wynd – Marina Warner on Mary Magdalene and her Jar: Fragrant Oils, Luxury and Sin
In a new, fully illustrted zoom lecture Marina Warner wll uncover the long associations of balm with the pleasures and solace of the East, which her parents were seeking when they moved to Cairo after the war.
More information and tickets available here.

13/14 March, Budleigh Salterton Festival – Marina presents Inventory of a Life Mislaid
The event is available to view from 9am on 13th March and can be viewed until 11pm on 19th March.
More information and tickets available here. The event is available to view from 9am on 13th March and can be viewed until 11pm on 19th March.

12 March, 12pm (Canadian Time, Writers Read  presents Marina Warner in conversation with Kate Sterns
Marina will speak with her respondent about her newly published Inventory of a Life Mislaid,
More information and registration here.

11 March, 10-10.45pm – Edward Said’s Thinking on BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking
Marina is taking part in a panel discussion about Said’s ideas, work, life, and legacy, presented by Rana Mitter. Other panellists would include Timothy Brennan at the University of Minnesota, who has written a new biography of Said, and Ahdaf Soueif. More information available here.

11 March, Cambridge Union Debate – The Hype around Shakespeare is Much Ado about Nothing
Shakespeare is widely held to be the greatest literary genius England – and indeed the world – has produced, as well as constituting a fundamental component of the performance and research of English here at Cambridge. Over four centuries since his death, it is important to look back on this legacy and interrogate whether – and why – this should be the case. The debate will be lead between Ben Crystal, an English actor, author, and producer, and Professor Michael Dobson, Director of the Shakespeare Institute  in proposition, opposed by Marina Warner and Professor Kiernan Ryan, Emeritus Professor of English Literature at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge in the debate.
More info can be found here.

9th March 2021, 2pm (GMT): Shubbak Festival, Against Disappearance second in a series of discussions about cultural heritage and contemporary culture.
The series brings together examples from the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund with examples of contemporary artists who deeply engage with heritage to create new expressions. For the second in the series of Against Disappearance discussions, the different legacies of cultural and commercial exchange will be exchanged. To discuss how some stories are told of migration, trade and power, the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund and Shubbak, London’s festival of contemporary Arab culture, have invited: writer, mythographer and historian Marina Warner, writer and activist Hammour Ziada – whose book The Longing of the Dervish was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction – and writer, editor and festival convenor, Abu Amirah – whose book KasKazi explores the dynamics and inter-connectedness of narratives and cities on the Swahili coast.

More information can be found here. A video recording of the talk can be found here.


March 4 – Inventory of a Life Mislaid published!

Marina’s ‘unreliable memoir’ about her parents in Cairo in the years after World War Two will be be published on World Book Day (March 4) 2021 by William Collins, London. Alongside many photographs, the book is adorned with a series of 80 vignettes by Sophie Herxheimer. Two related essays, Anglo-Egyptian Attitudes and Those Brogues, have been published in the London Review of Books.

March 3 – World Book Day
Marina will give a Ten-Minute talk with the British Academy.

4 February, 2021 – ‘Name the Days’: Marina’s essay review of Eliot Weinberger’s Angels and Saints the London review of books





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