Marina Warner

No Dead Matter – Essay published in ‘Life Like: Sculpture, colour and the body’

March 21, 2018

Marina has contributed ’No Dead Matter’ essay to ‘Life Like: Sculpture, colour and the body’ by by Luke Syson, Sheena Wagstaff, Emerson Bowyer, and Brinda Kumar, published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) 2018, pp 42-57, the exhibition catalogue produced for ‘Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and the Body (1300–Now) at The Metropolitan Museum of Art 2018.

‘Since the dawn of history, humans have created three- dimensional renderings of the body, and for centuries artists strove for realism, often creating works of stunning verisimilitude and using color to enhance religious, cultural, or personal meaning. This volume examines key sculptural works from 14th century Europe to the global present, revealing new insights into the strategies artists deploy to blur the distinction between art and life.

Featuring works created in traditional media such as wood and marble as well as the unexpected such as human hair, rope, and blood, Like Life presents objects both familiar and shocking, including effigies, dolls, mannequins, automata, waxworks, and anatomical models. Insightful essays by both art historians and contemporary artists consider works by artists ranging from Donatello and Degas to Picasso, Kiki Smith, and Jeff Koons, culminating in a vivid and provocative exploration of three- dimensional representations of the human body.’

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