Marina Warner

No Go the Bogeyman: On Scaring, Lulling and Making Mock

Non-Fiction Monograph

Vintage (paperback) UK, London, 1998
Chatto & Windus (hardback) UK

The University of Kentucky Press (paperback, 2007)

Ogres, giants and bogeyman embody some of our deepest fears, dominating popular storytelling in various media, from classic fairy tales such as Puss In Boots to the cannibal monster Hannibal Lecter, and from Frankenstein to Men in Black.

Following her brilliant study of fairy tales, From The Beast To The Blonde, this rich, enthralling new book explores the ever-increasing presence of such figures of male terror, and the stratagems we invent to allay the monsters we conjure up.


'This book is about fear and out reactions to it' (please click here for full review)

Melanie McDonaugh in The Evening Standard, 7th December 1998

‘Warner is a wonderful storyteller…Her range of reference is startling…But she keeps her head and treads nimbly through, following the thread of her argument…with humane learning, wit and ease.’

The Daily Telegraph

‘A rich feast of a volume. No one knows more about myths, tales and large dollops of art and popular culture which go into the shaping of our imagination.’

Lisa Appignanesi, Independent Books of the Year

‘This is a writer with power to change your imagination…startling and shocking and delightful, 'No Go The Bogeman' is a treasure trove of stories, an indispensable reference work, a compendium of cultural images.’

Michelle Roberts, The Independent

No Go The Bogeyman' is a study of terror. It is not a book for the faint-hearted or the intellectually fragile…A fascinating book.’

The Sunday Telegraph

Consistently stimulating and beautifully written.’

Bel Mooney, The Times

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First published by Chatto & Windus, 1998