Marina Warner

Helen Chadwick: The Oval Court

Non-Fiction Monograph, Non-fiction, Recently published

An illustrated exploration of Helen Chadwick’s erotic, playful, and fierce 1986 installation.

In 1986 the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London showed a new commission by the artist Helen Chadwick (1954–1996). What Chadwick conceived for the ICA exhibition explored her characteristic themes—the female body (her own), the aesthetics of pleasure, the material variety and wonder of phenomena—but took them in a new, flamboyant direction. In this illustrated volume, Marina Warner examines one part of Chadwick’s installation, The Oval Court. This work was erotic, playful, and fierce; it showed imaginative ambition on an exceptional scale and a unique, piquant sensibility, both raunchy and delicate.

Despite the work’s recognition as a feminist monument of rare intensity, it has rarely been shown or discussed since the author’s catalogue essay for the original exhibition. Warner here reconsiders Chadwick’s influence as an artist who helped to shift conventional aesthetics and transvalue despised, even abominated forms. Exploring the work’s richly layered composition in light of intervening years, Warner shows how Chadwick’s imagination has shaped many artists’ ideas and ethics, and emboldened their adventures with materials.

Published by MIT Press and Afterall, distributed as part of Afterall’s One Work series, more can be found out about the publication here.

One of Helen Chadwick’s works, Allegory of Misrule (1986) is currently on show at ‘The Horror Show!’ exhibition currently on at Somerset House until 19 February 2023. A glimpse of the work is here!

Helen Chadwick: The Oval Court was reviewed in the LMH Brown Book 2023. Read Camilla Clark’s review (pp.112-114) here or see the images below:

First published by MIT Press, Afterall, 2022