Vintage; New edition edition (1996)
Kindle Edition (2010)

Monuments and Maidens explores the tradition of personifying liberty, justice, wisdom, charity, and other ideals and desiderata in the female form, and examines the tension between women’s historic and symbolic sculpture, and painting, poetry, and classical mythology, she ranges over the allegorical presence of the woman in the Western tradition with a sharply observant eye and a piquant and engaging style.



‘Why should Truth be a woman? or nature? or justice? or Liberty? Not, certainly, because women have been more free, just, truthful, nor even (though this has a double edge) more natural. Marina Warner sets out to breathe some life into the army of petrified personages that litters Western cityscapes.’
- Lorna Sage, The Observer

‘One of the great merits of Monuments and Maidens is that it opens our eyes to the numbers of female figures that surround us, on stamps, on coins, standing guard over banks and courts of justice.’
- Mary Warnock, The Sunday Telegraph

‘Feminist analysis has shown how female images in art and advertising reveal society’s attitudes, conscious and unconscious, towards women. Marina Warner’s Monuments and Maidens provides a much-needed historical context for today’s debate.’
- Wendy Smith, The Village Voice

‘A book to change the way we see the world, and the place of women in it’
- Literary Review

‘This is the fourth, the most ambitious, and the best of Marina Warner’s studies of female symbolism…(Her) range of reference is enormous.’
- Fiona MacCarthy, The Times

‘A dazzling and invigorating book’
- The Guardian


Monuments and Maidens - Recent News November 2012

James Hyman Gallery presents a specially curated exhibition entitled 'Monuments and Maidens' taking ts title from Marina Warner's award-winning study of the allegorical meanings of the female form, and is partially inspired by her walk through central Paris and evocation of the richness of the city's sculpture, including the Tuileries gardens and the sculpted pavilions of the old and new Louvre.

Exhibition held at Paris Photo. The catalogue for this show can be downloaded here.




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