Fellow of the British Academy 2005.

Trustee of The National Portrait Gallery.

Patron, Bloodaxe Books, 2013 - ongoing.

Patron, Society for Story Telling, 2003 - ongoing.

Trustee, George Orwell Society, 2003 - ongoing.

Patron, Hosking Houses Trust, 2006 - ongoing.

President of the British Comparative Literature Association (BCLA) 2010-2013.

Member of the Editorial Board of the Sussex Centre journal and
member of the Advisory Board of Sussex Centre, 2012 - ongoing.

Trustee, Reprieve, 2008 - ongoing.

Honorary Fellow, London Institute of Pataphysics, 2007

Patron, Hypatia Trust, 1998 - ongoing.

Trustee, Artangel Trust, 1998-2004.

Trustee, Open Democracy, 2001-3.

Committee PEN, London, 2001-2004.

Patron, Wonderful Beast Theatre Company, 2001 - ongoing.

London Library, twice served.

Patron of the charities Reprieve, 2002 - ongoing.

Patron, Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture, 2002 - ongoing.

Management Committee, Vice-President, National Council for One-Parent Families, 2000 - ongoing.

Gingerbread (Formed from the merger of the National Council for One Parent Families and Gingerbread), 1986-1996.

Literature Panel, Arts Council of Great Britain, 1993-7.

Executive Committee, Charter 88, 1992-7.




24th February 2014
MW contributed ' Liberty - a few words' to the Writers At Liberty project launched online Monday 24th February, to celebrate Liberty's 80th birthday. The piece can be read here.




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