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Rosella Simonari

Rosella Simonari, PhD, is an independent dance and cultural historian. She is also a language teacher, a translator and a self-taught cartoonist. As temporary lecturer, she has taught the Dance and Mime course at the University of Macerata, Italy (2003-2007). In 2011, she has gained a PhD with a research project on Martha Graham under the supervision of Marina Warner. She has published scholarly and non-scholarly articles mainly on Martha Graham, the Carmen myth and dancer-painter Alberto Spadolini.
In January 2015, she has published the book in Italian, Letter to the World: Martha Graham danza Emily Dickinson. At present, she is working on the dance adaptations of the Carmen myth. Her research interest is on dance adaptation and narrative in dance, with a particular attention on gender issues and the relationship between dance and literature.

Dr Rosalind Green

Following the completion of her creative writing/academic hybrid PhD Bearing Memory: Re-visioning Scottish Traveller Stories from 1950-2013 under the supervision of Professor Marina Warner and Dr Adrian May, Dr Rosalind Green has been appointed Director of Essex Book Festival, which is based at the Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Essex. In addition to this, she is completing her first novel, The Keeper of Human History: this formed part of her doctoral studies.
Ros Green - Director, Essex Book Festival


Barney Samson

Barney Samson is writing a PhD on the modern ​popular ​cultural history of the ​desert ​island, ​supervised by Jeffrey Geiger at the University of Essex. ​His focus ​is on ideology and transgression, with the working title 'Islands in the (Main)stream'. He is a ​founder member of the Island​ ​Poetics Research Project​ and recently hosted their​ inaugural symposium at the University of Essex​​ ​(www.islandpoetics.com). Past research includes an examination of​ ​superheroes as sufferers of psychological trauma, and of Foucauldian Heterotopia in the Harry​ ​Potter novels​. Barney holds an MRes in Humanities and Cultural Studies ​from​ the London Consortium​​​ and a first class degree in Music from Girton College, Cambridge. ​He continues to work in music education and as a​ ​freelance musician ​and intends to do so ​alongside his academic​career.


Gabriela Silva-Rivero

Gabriela Silva-Rivero was born in Mexico City, in 1985. She received her BA (Hons) in Modern Languages from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She went on to study her MA Creative Writing at the University of Essex, where she currently studies her PhD in the same discipline. In her PhD, titled "The Head Knows What Lies Near the Heart: A Mythoanatomy of the Female Body" she is researching how the female form and its different sections are typically represented in myths and fairy tales, and then re-writing a tale for each section to form a complete anthology. She currently collaborates with Revista Cuadrivio, an online magazine for arts and culture, as literary editor. Her short stories have appeared in several online magazines in Mexico, and her first novel "Los doce sellos" was published in Mexico in 2009.

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