Stranger Magic and Fairytale talks etc

1st August 2012
After Grimm: Fairy Tales and Story Telling : Tale Writing Competition
More information can be found here.

25th August 2012, 5pm
'How Magic Helped Create The Modern World'
The Folio Society event, Edinburgh Book Festival

We live in a secular age, in which we have elevated humanism and scientific rationalism above all other approaches. Marina Warner challenges this with her erudite and deeply engaging book Stranger Magic. She argues that magic is a necessary part of our lives and demonstrates this via a journey taking in Greek gods, Gilgamesh and Prospero and the Arabian Nights. Magic, argues Warner, is a way of dreaming the impossible. Details here.

August 2012
Marina Warner introducer of The Folio Society's edition of The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories in conversation with Folio Society editor Johanna Geary.

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26th August 2012
Edinburgh International Festival 2012 - Encounters: Magic & Enchantment.

Writer Marina Warner, Wagner specialist Derek Watson and Dmitry Krymov, director of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (As You Like It), examine the roles of myth, fairytale and enchantment in culture and creativity. Chaired by the Head of Literature for the British Council, Susie Nicklin.
Details here.

6th - 8th September 2012
'The Singing Bone : Animate Affinities from Lotte Reiniger to Florence and the Machine', as part of After Grimm: Fairy Tales and Story Telling, Kingston University.

2012 is the bicentenary of the publication of the first volume of the Kinder- und Hausmärchen [Children’s and Household Tales] by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. As this groundbreaking collection moves into its third century, this conference explores the trajectory of the Grimm phenomenon in Britain and the English-speaking world. Examining the varied and colourful reception history of this collection of tales, this conference will discuss the most recent fairy- tale scholarship, as well as looking forward to possible future developments. The Grimm bicentenary will also be celebrated through story-telling events, readings, a creative writing prize, and an exhibition of illustrations. Confirmed Keynote Speakers: Donald Haase, Neil Philip, Marina Warner, Jack Zipes.
More information here.

30th September 2012, 1.30pm
Marina Warner: Stranger Magic: Charmed States and The Arabian Nights, County Buildings, Main Hall, Wigtown Book Festival 2012

The Middle Eastern folk stories of The Arabian Nights arrived in Europe in translation 300 years ago, and proceeded to fire the imaginations of artists from Mozart and Coleridge, to Italo Calvino and Angela Carter. Using familiar and lesser known tales, Marina Warner discusses why The Arabian Nights and its brand of magical thinking have been so influential. In conversation with Tahir Shah, author of In Arabian Nights. More information can be found here.

3rd October 2012, 6.00 pm
Circolo dei Lettori, Torino/Turin

26th October 2012, 4.00pm
'Enchanting Reason' with Harold Bloom, NYU Abu Dhabi, New York

27th October 2012, 7-9pm
"Stranger Magic," a discussion between Marina Warner and George Prochnik on October 27th at Cabinet, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn New York. More details here.

17th October 2012
The Rumpus Interview with Marina Warner by Nina Moog can be read here.

13th November 2012
'Travelling Texts, Eastern Approaches : Italian Fabulism and the 1001 Nights'
Leconfield Lecture, Italian Institute London. Details here.

21st November 2012, 10.30am
'The shade and the screen:  Lotte Reiniger's shadowplay'
Opening talk in the conference,  The Shadow of Language, Royal College of Art London.

23rd -26th November 2012
Lausanne – details to follow

7th- 8th December 2012
Talk on Pain for conference at Birkbeck, organised by Joanna Burke. The website for The Birkbeck Pain Project can be found here and the publication 'Pain and Its Meanings' can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

13th December 2012
Networks of Circulation, conference at SOAS. Details to follow.

17- 20th December 2012
Grimm 2012, Conference, Lausanne. Details to follow.

17th December 2012
Grimm Thoughts on BBC Radio 4
To mark the bicentenary of the Grimm brothers' tales, writer Marina Warner explores selected stories from a new angle each day. In the first programme, she tells the story of the brothers themselves. With beautifully narrated extracts from the tales themselves and contributions from renowned academics and artists who work closely with the Grimm's rich heritage.
Broadcast on BBC Radio 4 between 1.45-2pm weekdays beginning on 17th December 2012.

‘Away with the fairies: Grimm Thoughts on BBC Radio 4’ a review by Antonia Quirke, published in New Statesman 13 December 2012, the review can be read here.

Episode 1 broadcast: 17th December 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner introduces the Grimm brothers and examines the story of The Frog King.

Episode 2 broadcast: 18th Decenber 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner traces Grimms' tales back to their ancient origins.

Episode 3 broadcast: 19th December 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner enters the magical worlds of the fairy tale.

Episode 4 broadcast: 20th December 2012 LISTEN
Marina identifies real people and places believed to have inspired the Grimms' collection.

Episode 5 broadcast: 21st Decenber 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner is drawn into the tales' rich history of illustration.

Episode 6 broadcast: 24th December 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner probes the fate of the tales at the hands of the Nazis.

Episode 7 broadcast: 25th December 2012 LISTEN
Marina examines the deeper meanings read into the tales by writers and psychologists.

Episode 8 broadcast: 26th Decenber 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner explores the Grimm brothers' tales.

Episode 9 broadcast: 27th Decenmber 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner examines the tales' history of censorship.

Episode 10 broadcast: 28th Decenber 2012 LISTEN
Marina Warner considers the future of the Grimm brothers' tales.

December 2012
MW contributes ‘The Writing of Stones' (, pp 295- 30) and ‘Pleasure’( pp 505-514 ) in ‘Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine’, published by Cabinet Books, New York, 2012.


24th March 2013
'Heroines and Myths: Joan of Arc and Cult of the Virgin Mary'
Lecture as part of The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival

Professor Marina Warner's studies of mythology and fairy tales have brought her much acclaim. Here she marks new editions of two of her best know works by discussing Joan of Arc and the cult of the Virgin Mary. In Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism, Warner traces the portrayal of Joan of Arc through history and shows how she has been adopted and manipulated by different political factions. In Alone of All her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary, she looks at the changing symbolism of the Virgin Mary and the interrelation between Catholicism and the ideas of ideal femininity.
More details can be found here.

5th March 2013
Marina Warner's Stranger Magic nominated for Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2012-2013.
Full details can be found here.

2nd March 2013
Marina Warner's Stranger Magic winner of Critcism section at National Book Critics Circle Awards Ceremony for Publishing Year 2012.
Full details can be found here.

The National Book Critics Circle Award 2012
'Stranger Magic' has been nominated in the Criticism section for The National Book Critics Circle Award 2012.
More details can be found here.

January 2013
MW contributes the essay 'Monstrous Mothers' to “Witches: Hunted, appropriated, empowered, queered’
edited by Anna Colin, published by Editions B42, Paris 2012, co-published with Maison Populaire, Montreuil.
More details can be found here.

7th February 2013
MW contributes the essay introduction 'Icons of Modern Life' to 'Man Ray Portraits' by Terence Pepper
A fully-illustrated catalogue accompanying the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.
More details can be found here.

22nd February 2013, 3pm
Alf layla wa-layla : Les Mille et une Nuits. The Arabian Nights.
Atelier sur les contes orientaux / A workshop on Oriental Tale Telling
'Contes orientaux en Occident' Rencontre autour des Mille et une Nuits, avec Marina Warner et Aboubakr Chraibi. Marina Warner and Aboubakr Chraibi in conversation. Held at Maison Française d'Oxford more details here


The Symbol Gives Rise to Thought and other work on art

Publication in 2013, date tbc.

1st May 2013
Liz Calder, editor and publisher, Full Circle Editions, in conversation with MW, Art Exchange, University of Essex, for publication of Joan and Virgin Mary books.

Great Artists in their Own Words – BBC 4.

7th February 2013
'Icons of Modern Life' to 'Man Ray Portraits' by Terence Pepper
with an introduction by Marina Warner.
A fully-illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.
The catalogue features an introductory essay 'Icons of Modern Life' by Professor Marina Warner, a survey of Man Ray's published work in leading magazines by exhibition curator Terence Pepper, and an illustrated chronology of the artist's life and career by Helen Trompeteler.
More details can be found here.

4 December 2012
Tate Gallery BP British Art Lecture: Marina Warner
Contemporary artists profane taboos and create new zones of the sacred, often drawing on votive, ritual, and amuletic techniques from religious tradition. Marina Warner will explore belief in art today.

5th October 2012, 6.00 pm
With Kiki Smith – at Merz Foundation

14th October 2012, 1.30 pm
Conversation 'Attention ! Criticism and its Distractions' with Brian Dillon, Orit Gat, Alex provan, Marina Warner at Frieze Art Fair. More details here.

November 2012
Brian Dillon interviews Marina Warner for Frieze Masters, Issue 1, Winter 2010. Details can be fiound here.

30th -31st October 2012
Maryland Institute of Art. Details to follow. 

4th December 2012, 6.30pm
The BP British Art Lecture: Marina Warner 'Iconoclashes: Is contemporary art a matter of faith' held at Tate Britain, Auditorium.
Contemporary artists profane taboos and create new zones of the sacred, often drawing on votive, ritual, and amuletic techniques from religious tradition. Marina Warner will explore belief in art today.
More information can be found here.


Memory Maps


23rd April 2013
Iain Sinclair visiting Memory Maps course at Essex

15th September, 7-10pm
MW contributes a reading to the temporary radio station Writtle Calling / 2EmmaToc broadcasting from the Essex landscape 11-18 September 2010. The grounds of Writtle College, Writtle College, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3RR, Essex, CM1 3RR. More information can be found here and here.

16 September, 3pm
Moby-Dick Big Read part of the Peninsula Arts launch at the Plymouth University

13th October 2012
'Memory' Marathon, Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery Memory Marathon is the seventh in the Gallery's acclaimed Marathon series. This two-day event will be an exploration of memory, archaeological excavation, historical recordings as well as digital storage and the effect electronic preservation has on human memory.
More details here.

17th November 2012
Aldeburgh: Documentary Film Festival: screening of 'Marwencol
Cultural historian Marina Warner, Professor of Neurology, John Morton and Diana Quick discussed the film's themes in a highly informative after screening session. Details here.


2nd February 2013, 12pm
Spring, PLACE: Roots – Journeying Home
Marina Warner on Looking for Home Elsewhere: Apocryphal landscapes and narrative ghosts

With Ronald Blythe, Paul Kildea, Ali Smith, Marina Warner, Patrick Wright and Full Circle Editions.
Opening with reflections on Benjamin Britten’s journeys and sense of settlement by Paul Kildea, who has written a major new biography of Britten, the day features an exclusive, original meditation from prize-winning author Marina Warner. Celebrated novelist Ali Smith advocates for the remarkable Orcadian film-maker Margaret Tait and shows her magical 16mm films, and Ronald Blythe tells the story of his own house and its illustrious occupants.

More details can be found here.

15th February 2013, 8pm
Empress and Essex Girl: The True History of St. Helena
at Stour Valley Lecture, Constable Hall, East Bergholt

Saint Helena was born in Colchester, the daughter of Old King Cole - at least according to one version of history.
She went on to become the Empress Mother of Constantine who converted the Roman Empire to Christianity; in old age, she set out to find the True Cross, and sent relics of it all over the world, to found churches. in an illustrated talk, Marina Warner will explore this neglected local heroine, through art and literature, including the frescoes of Piero della Francesca and the unexpected novel by Evelyn Waugh, which he considered his very best.

9th March 2013 11am-Evening
Ronald Blythe – A Celebration at Nayland Church

A day of talks, readings, films and music reflecting the career of Dr Ronald Blythe as he celebrates his 90th birthday.
With contributions from naturalist and author Richard Mabey, Dr James Canton, and Dr Marina Warner from Essex University. There will also be music from the Aldeburgh Festival's resident Quartet, films from the BBC archives, poetry inspired by the Stour's rich artistic history and the day will be chaired by Lord Phillips of Sudbury.
More details can be found here.






DIARY 2015

April 2015

MW interviewd for 'All Day Long: A Portrait of Britain At Work' by Joanna Briggs, published by Serpents Tail
pp 155-163.

MW contributes 'The Enchanted Garden of Ana Maria Pacheco' to Ana Maria Pacheco: Sculpture Norwich 2015 published by Pratt Contemporary 2015, pp15-19.

MW contributes the foreword to Consorts of the Caliphs: Women and the Court of Baghdad by Ibn al-Sai Edited by Shawkat M. Toorawa,translated by The Editors of the Library of Arabic Literature, published by NYU Press 2015, pp xi-xiv. Full details here.

Writers' Talks and Seminar Series: Orienting Fiction, All Souls College Oxford

Professor Marina Warner (Birkbeck, University of London and President of the BCLA) will be convening a series of seminars titled 'Orienting Fiction' at All Souls College, University of Oxford in April-June 2015.

The eight-week programme is as follows:

Week 1 – 30 April: Abdelfattah Kilito, 'Story-Bearers: Dante and Sindbad'

Week 2 – 7 May: Marina Warner, 'Stories in Motion/Ways of Dwelling'

Week 3 – 14 May: Marina Warner, '"The Wondrous Flitting" of the Holy House: Mary in England'

Week 4 – 21 May: Ibrahim Al-Koni, 'Vagabond Homelands'

Week 5 – 28 May: Marina Warner, 'Elissa the Wanderer: Dido in Carthage'

Week 6 – 4 June: Hoda Barakat, 'La narration dangereuse: nos personnages et la mise-en-abîme'

Week 7 – 12 June: Nacer Khemir, 'Les deux labyrinthes: le récit des Mille et une Nuits et la ville arabe'

Week 8 – 18 June: Marina Warner, 'Riddle Princess: Turandot in Paris'

For more information please contact : fellows.secretary@all-souls.ox.ac.uk or info.litteratures.arabes@gmail.com.
Download the poster here or visit the website here for details.

With the support of La Maison française d'Oxford and Mohamed-Salah Omri, OCCT and St John's College.

May 2015

11th May
The British Academy Fairy Tale week, introduction with Marcus Sedgwick

17th May
British Library - Man Booker

18th May
Birkbeck Arts Week: Curiosity panel in the afternoon with Brian Dillon et al.

18th May
In collaboration with PEN another Man Booker Int. writers' event .

18th May
MW writes obituary for artist and curator Felicity Powell, published in the The Guardian here.

MW's BCLA President's Letter published in Comparative Critical Studies, Vol 12, Number 1, 2015, pp ix-x1.

MW's story ' The First Time' translated as 'A Primeria Vez' published in Chimaera Textos: Contar um Conto' , edited by : Ana Raquel Fernandes, Mario Semião, introduction by Patricia Odber de Baubeta, published by Ulices Ceaul (Lisbon 2015), pp 235-250.
More info here.

19th May
Announcement of Man Booker International 2015 winner - please see here for more details.

23rd May
Conrad Shawcross exhibition opening at New Art Centre Roche Court, more info here.

24th May
Event 109 • Sunday 24 May 2015, 7pm • Venue: Oxfam Moot
Marina Warner talks to the Winner
The chair of judges interviews the winner of this global prize, who will be announced in London on 19 May. Previous recipients of the lifetime achievement award have included Chinua Achebe, Alice Munro, Philip Roth and Lydia Davis.

More info here.

June 2015

02nd June 2015 6.30pm
Who Ate Marina Warner? at The Delfina Foundation, London

Reading by UK Associate Navine G Khan-Dossos followed by a conversation with Aaron Cezar, Director of Delfina Foundation.

Who Ate Marina Warner? is a text based on the 1994 BBC Reith Lecture series, Managing Monsters by Marina Warner. In the penultimate installment, Cannibal Tales: The Hunger for Conquest, Warner discusses the place of cannibalism in mythologies in diverse contexts, from The Tempest to Hannibal Lecter. She links the fantasy of cannibalism to narratives of conquest, as well as exploring how the imagery of consuming the body speaks of longing and fear, identity, the past and the unknowable future.

For the purpose of this project, Marina's voice, ensconced deep in the BBC archives, has been revived and replayed through a computer program that aims to return it to a textual form. Khan-Dossos sees this process as a cannibalisation of knowledge, a regurgitation of sorts, in which the computer is an extension of man, taking part in the process of consumption of the self and others.

This event is produced as part of the second season of The Politics of Food: Sex, Diet & Disaster.
More details can be found here.


2nd June
Birkbeck: William Matthews Memorial Lecture 2015
Translumination or travesty? : Reading the World in English 

MW spent the last two years reading novels from all over the world for the Man Booker International Prize, which is given for a significant body of fiction by a living writer, as long as it is in English or in translation into English.
In relation to some of the writers who emerged (whose names will then be known), she will will discuss the character of global fiction, the difficulties of making decisions, and the questions raised by the domination of English as a world language.  

More info here and booking details are here.

4th June 2015
MW contributes
'At the V&A: Alexander McQueen' to London Review of Books, Vol. 37 No. 11, 4 June 2015, 24-25, can be read here.

6th June 2015
MW interviewed in Vårt Land newspaperNorway on 6th June 2015 pp 40-41. The article can be read here.

7th-12th June
The Holberg Prize was today officially awarded to British author, scholar and critic Marina Warner by H.R.H. the Crown Prince of Norway.


8th June
Postgraduate Seminar: 'Living in Words: The Question of Myth'

9th June  9-1.30pm
Holberg Symposium 2015

12.00-1.30: The Holberg Lecture:
Losing Home, Finding Words: Transformations of Story
Dame Marina Warner, Holberg International Memorial Prize Laureate, 2015 , Fellow of All Souls and Professor of English and Creative Writing, Birkbeck College, University of London

11th June
Literary Festival, Oslo
From the Mouths of Stories: New Songs for Old
Stories from the past give us all a language of the imagination with which we can form new stories for the present:  Marina Warner and Tamim al-Barghouti will read from work in progress inspired by myths and legends,  from the Thousand and One Nights and contemporary Europe to the poetry of ancient Babylon and Iraq today.  

21st June 12.30pm
Spread the Word –Short story festival London

MW Reading in Waterstone's Piccadilly, with Deborah Levy, SJ Naudé and Dame Marina Warner, who will read from their work and talk to Cathy Galvin, Word Factory Director. More info here.

A review of Marina Warner's Once Upon a Time, Martine Hennard published in Gramarye, Summer 2015 Issue7, can be read here.

July 2015

1st July 2015, 7pm
New Stories for Old - Royal Society of Literature, London
The Courtauld Institute of Art

Natalie Haynes, Helen Oyeyemi and Dubravka Ugresic, chaired by Marina Warner
More details can be found here.

Passed from generation to generation, and crossing cultural borders, fairy tales are more universal in their appeal than any other form of literature. But what happens when you shake an old story into a contemporary shape and setting? Helen Oyeyemi is one of Granta's most recent Best of Young British Novelists. In Boy, Snow, Bird, she reworks the tale of Snow White into a cautionary tale set in 1950s America. In The Amber Fury, comedian, classicist and novelist Natalie Haynes explores what happens when five troubled Scottish teenagers who have been excluded from their schools are introduced to the Greek tragedies. And in Baba Yaga Laid an Egg, Croatian-born writer Dubravka Ugresic weaves the story of Baba Yaga into a meditation on femininity, ageing, identity, secrets, story-telling and love. The three writers discuss their work with novelist, historian and mythographer Marina Warner, whose short history of fairy tales, Once Upon a Time, was published to great acclaim last year.
Info can be found here.

The Man Booker International Prize 2015
The five judges who will trawl world literature for authors who have made a significant contribution are announced today. Chaired by writer and academic Marina Warner CBE, the panel consists of the novelist Nadeem Aslam, writer and critic Elleke Boehmer, Editorial Director of the New York Review Classics series, Edwin Frank and Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature at SOAS, University of London, Wen-chin Ouyang.
See more here.

7th July 7
Ledbury Poetry Festival with Rowan Williams

6th-17th July
Transmission of The World of Stories, BBC Radio 4

20th July
MW speaks at the British Academy 'Perspectives on Education' seminar, details to be announced here.

26th July
MW in conversation with Elias Khoury, British Library .


July 2015
BBC Radio 4: What is a Story?

Marina Warner - in the company of leading contemporary writers - looks at the world of contemporary fiction. In each programme, she considers a story and story writing from a different angle.

Marina is the Chair of the Man Booker International Prize 2015 and the series draws on the expertise of this year's International Booker judging panel, the views of the shortlisted writers, as well as other key literary talent.
Marina speaks with writers as diverse as Julian Barnes, Michelle Roberts, Fanny Howe, Marlene van Niekerk, Alain Mabanckou, Lydia Davis, Edwin Frank, Elleke Boehmer, Wen-Chin Ouyang, Daniel Medin, Nadeem Aslam and Laszlo Krasznahorkai.
There are questions around the boundaries between fact and fiction which Marina believes are central to any consideration of storytelling, since readers' pleasure depends so much on trust built up between the storyteller or writer and the audience.

Over ten episodes, there are discussions on the reasons for writing, writers as witnesses and political interaction.

10/10 As If: Dreams of Shelter
9/10 Ghosts at Home
8/10 Speaking in Parables
7/10 Is Anyone Responsible?
6/10 Filling the Gaps
5/10 History for the Record
4/10 Bearing Witness
3/10 It's All Absolutely True
2/10 Why Write Stories?
1/10 First Times

Produced by Kevin Dawson, a Whistledown production for BBC Radio.Listen again here.The Omnibus editions of the programmes will be broadcast on Friday 14th and 21st August 2015, more details posted here.

July 2015

Man Booker chair Marina Warner: 'I desperately wanted to be a saint' Marina Warner interviewed by Nicholas Shakespeare for Newsweek 24 July 2015 pp 48-55. The article can be read here.


July 2015
Marina Warner: What is a story? as told to Craig Brown published in Private Eye Issue 1397 24 July - 6 August 2015, details here.

August 2015

MW's collection of short stories 'Fly Away Home' to be published by Salt Publishing, Autumn 2015, more info here.


3rd August
MW gives Dartington Festival talk: 'Runaway Girls and Singing Bones'
More info here.

24th August
Edinburgh Festival 2015
4pm  - In conversation with winner of Man Booker International 
8.45pm - With Charlotte Higgins in her series 'Gods and Monsters'
More info here.

25th August 3.45pm
Edinburgh Festival 2015
MW gives a talk as part of Trading Stories at Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015.


Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2015
MW gives a talk and a reading, Msida Bastion Historic Garden, Floriana, 8pm

The Xth edition of the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festivalorganized by Inizjamed will be held on Thursday 27th, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th August, at the Msida Bastion Historic Garden, in FLORIANA, with the participation of Tamim Barghouti (Palestine), John Bonello (Malta), Norbert Bugeja (Malta), Efe Duyan (Turkey), Rodolfo Häsler (Cuba/Spain), Moëz Majed (Tunisia), Hisham Matar (UK-Libya), Nadia Mifsud, (Malta/France), James Vella (UK/Malta), Marina Warner (UK), and Trevor Żahra (Malta).

23rd August
'Once upon a time, redefined' MW interviewed for The Times of Malta.

Are today's zombies more nihilistic than Ovid's shapeshifters and are our increasingly darker fairy tales a denunciation of the age of violence in which we live? Award-winning writer Marina Warner discusses these and other elements pertaining to fairy tales with Gloria Lauri-Lucente ahead of her participation in the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival.
The piece can be read here.

'The lingua franca of yearning and inquiry - Marina Warner' By Teodor Reljic published August 2015 here.

Summer 2015
'Book Talk' Marina Warner interviewed by Anna Della Subin in Tank Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 274-275, details can be found here.

''Joan Jonas: The Taste of the Clouds' an essay for Joan Jonas: They Come To Us Without A Word' pp 30-40 written by Marina Warner published by Hatje Cantz, Germany 2015, details can be found here.

September 2015

08th September 2015
Cristina Iglesias and Marina Warner in conversation- an Artangel event
Instituto Cervantes Londres 102 Eaton Square London SW1W 9AN

Marking the publication of a new book about the multi-site sculptural project Tres Aguas in the city of Toledo in Spain, Cristina Iglesias discusses her work with writer Marina Warner and Artangel Co-Director James Lingwood.

Tres Aguas, Cristina Iglesias's sculpture project through the city of Toledo in Spain, opened in 2014. The ambitious project connects the historical citadel, its architecture so strongly marked by Islamic, Jewish and Christian cultures, to the fast-flowing waters of the River Tagus running below the city.

A new book, published by Turner, with an extensive sequence of colour photographs and important essays by renowned cultural historians Beatriz Colomina and Marina Warner, together with an introduction by Artangel Co-Director James Lingwood, reflect on how Iglesias's sculpture interacts with the rich history of Toledo and the vital importance of water to the flourishing of the city and the life of the mind. The book will be available to purchase following the event, and the conversation will be followed by a drinks reception. Admission price includes a drink.

Details available here.

21st September 2015 6.30pm
Iain Sinclair & Marina Warner in conversation at Owl Bookshop, London

Iain Sinclair and Marina Warner will be at the Owl talking about the common threads that run through their writing. Their common ground lies in stories in stones - Iain Sinclair's new book Black Apples of Gower touches on the uncanny and the sump of myth as he walks back along the roads of his childhood in the Gower Peninsula - Marina Warner's novels and non-fiction cover thoughts about places and memory in songs, tales, customs, fables and legends, her latest is a collection of short stories, Fly Away Home.

This is event is sold out but please contact Owl Bookshop here for more details.

MW has contributed 'Chapter 7. The Library in Fiction' pp 153- 175 to The Meaning of the Library: A Cultural History
Edited by Alice Crawford published by Princeton University Press (2015), more details can be found here.


22nd September 2015
St Andrews: An Evening with Dame Marina Warner, part of the St Andrews Literary Festival 2015
For more details please see here.

September 2015
MW contributes 'The springs beneath, the flow above, the light within' to Cristina Iglesias 'Tres Aguas', published by Artangel and Turner 2015 (pp 55-67). More details can be found here.

September 2015
MW contributed 'Recycling Myths: Voices in the Dark,Dreams, Confidences, Sisters ' to The Power of Form: Recycling Myth' edited by Ana Raquel Fernandes, José Pedro Serra, Rui Carlos Fonseca and published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015, pp6-29 . More details can be found here.


October 2015

MW's 'Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale' has been short listed for Katharine Briggs Award 2015, more info here.

'Fly Away Home' reviewed by Rosemary Goring in Herald Scotland on 4th October 2015, the review can be read here.

'Fly AwayHome' reviewed in The Lady 16th October 2015, the review can be read here.
With their unique blend of ancient myth and contemporary concerns, Warner's stories are often dark, always gripping, with unexpected flashes of humour and clashes of the real and the supernatural. The legendary Mélusine is transformed into an iPhone-wielding, sassy mermaid in a parable on desire and identity. When the relationship between a young dancer and her maverick patron takes a sinister turn, the girl escapes into an alternative world through the chinoiserie pattern on her curtains. Questions of gender and feminism, never far from the surface, are explored in a fresh manner. Warner's writing is at its strongest when it eschews abstraction in favour of the physical – descriptions of human bodies, shimmering underwater creatures, miniature charms with talismanic powers. These are darkly glittering fairytales for our times.

1st-25 October 2015
Visiting Fellow, Center for Ballet and the Arts, New York University – working with Joanna MacGregor and Kim Brandstrup on a new dance piece inspired by fairy tale.
More info here.

8th October 2015 7pm
Amitav Ghosh, Elias Khoury and Sinan Antoon
The Center for Fiction , New York

Presented in partnership with the Library of Arabic Literature On the occasion of the launch of the Library of Arabic Literature's new English-only series of Arabic classics (published by New York University Press), Philip Kennedy, General Editor of the Library of Arabic Literature, together with Marina Warner, author and chair of the judges' panel for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize, will moderate a conversation with novelists Amitav Ghosh, Elias Khoury and Sinan Antoon.

The distinguished panelists will discuss the richness of the Arabic literary heritage as well as the thriving contemporary Arabic literary scene, the challenges of translating modern and pre-modern Arabic literature for contemporary English-language readers, and the contributions of the Library of Arabic Literature.

The initial list of English-only paperbacks include: Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Leg Over Leg: Volumes One and Two, and Volumes Three and Four, translated by Humphrey Davies Al-Shafi'i's The Epistle on Legal Theory, translated by Joseph E. Lowry Ma'mar ibn Rashid's The Expeditions: An Early Biography of Muhammad, translated by Sean W. Anthony - See more here.

08th October 2015
'Fly Away Home by Marina Warner review – short stories tinged with fairytale'
Warner weaves a world of myths, mermaids and male monsters, but the best stories here explore less familiar themes, by Suzi Feay published in The Guardian, 08th October 2015, the review can be read here and a scan of the newspaper can be found here.

'Marina Warner's soaring new story collection Fly Away Home echoes with the author's signature concerns about life's mysteries, wonders and perplexities through myth, history and the present. ' - Mark Reynolds interviews Marina Warner in Bookanista, October 2015 here.

13th October 2015 6pm
The New School's Centre for Public Scholarship hosts discussion on 'problematic future of higher education'
The Center for Public Scholarship at The New School presents the 7th Public Voices lecture series, a discussion of the ways in which higher education is being shaped and reshaped by politics.

The discussion takes place in the midst of a major transition both inside and outside the classroom. Demand for college degrees in the modern workplace is growing, while costs to attend college are rising. This has led students in the United States to take out loans totaling more than $1 trillion. The result of this socioeconomic burden is the steady widening of the income gap, undercutting the benefits these degrees are meant to provide.
And it's not just the costs that are changing, but the classrooms, faculty and administration. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) were thought to be "disruptors" to the traditional university model, providing free education to the masses. However, studies, including one from MIT, reveal that virtual classrooms aren't without problems, including high attrition rates and cheating.

Andrew Delbanco (Columbia University), David Bromwich (Yale University), Richard Kahlenberg (Century Foundation), Marina Warner (Birkbeck, University of London) and Kenneth Prewitt (Columbia University) will serve as moderator of the discussion.

The New School's Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, 2nd Floor, 55 W. 13th St., New York. More info here.

19th October 2015
Marina Warner selects eight films as part of a YouTube guest playlist for Frieze Magazine, view all films here.

27th October 2015 10pm
BBC Radio 3 - Free Thinking

As Halloween fast approaches, Matthew Sweet is joined round the Free Thinking cauldron by guests including Marina Warner and Suzannah Lipscomb to consider the season of the witch.
Film critic Larushka Ivan-zadeh and Claire Nally from Northumbria University review new blockbuster The Last Witch Hunter starring Vin Diesel, and consider the depictions of witches on film ahead of a screening of Vincent Price's 1968 horror classic Witchfinder General.
Catherine Spooner of Lancaster University and historian Suzzanah Lipscomb offer an historical guide to the famous witch trials from Pendle to Salem. And author Marina Warner discusses her father's relationship with the ghost writer M.R. James.

The programme can be heard here.

28th October 2015
50th Anniversary Lecture - Professor Dame Marina Warner
The third of the College's 50th Anniversary termly lectures will be given by Professor Dame Marina Warner, award-winning writer. More info here.

31st October 2015
A film of Marina Warner in conversation with Kari Jegerstedt in Bergen as part of the Holberg Prize 2015 will be shown on 31 October 2015 on Norwegian National Television, all details can be found here.

MW has contributed 'Wild Ecstasy' to Textus - English Studies in Italy XXVII (2014) No.3 edited by Lilla M. Crisafulli, September-December. More details can be found here.

November 2015

7th November 2015
BCLA: AGM and Colloquy
The Keynes Library, Birkbeck School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD

The AGM is your chance to help shape the BCLA's plans for the coming year. It will only last for one hour max, and will be followed by a lively collection of events including the award of the John Dryden Translation Prize and culminating in a talk and reading by the distinguished translator, poet and autobiographer Anthony Rudolf.
Please see here for more details.

3.15 Annual General Meeting
4.30 A Celebration of new books in the Studies in Comparative Literature series, and the winners of the Arthur Terry Postgraduate Essay Prize
5.15 Reception and Award Ceremony for the John Dryden Translation Prize.
6.00 Anthony Rudolf: A talk and reading by the distinguished translator, autobiographer, poet and critic whose books include Silent Conversations: A Reading Life (2013).



10th November 2015, 10am
BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour
Writer Marina Warner appears to move effortlessly between fiction and non-fiction. This month she publishes a new collection of short stories, Fly Away; she explains how she weaves her love of myths and fairy tales into her contemporary stories. The programme can be streamed here.

23rd November 6.00 p.m.
Creative humanities: a cultural ecosystem
The British Academy, London

The creative industries are one of the UK's great success stories, and the humanities in general have risen to the challenge of demonstrating the real impact they have on people's lives.
The BSR – with its residency programme for scholars, architects and artists – is uniquely positioned to encourage reflection on the powerful intertwining of scholarship and practice, and the valuable synergies and benefits which accrue.
In this panel discussion, we will look beyond a purely economic assessment to identify the contribution of this cultural ecosystem at a national and international level. Our panellists will be:

Marina Warner (Professor of English and Creative Writing, Birkbeck, University of London)
Vernon Ellis (Chair, British Council)
Patrick Loughrey (Warden, Goldsmiths, University of London)
Jeremy Myerson (Research Professor and Former Chair of Design, the Royal College of Art)
Helen Sear (Professor of Photographic Practice, Falmouth University; Representing Wales in Venice at this year's Venice Biennale)

Full details can be found here.

24th November, 1st December, 7th December
Celebrated author and academic Marina Warner, who has recently joined Birkbeck, will be offering 3 classes on 'Sanctuary' in the autumn term of 2015. More info here.

November 2015
L'Atalante: BFI Classic - Paperback L'Atalante: BFI Classicby Marina Warner, published by BFI Classics / Palgrave 2015, more details announced here.

L'Atalante has achieved legendary status over the past eighty years. This reissued edition of the BFI Classic features original cover artwork and a substantial new prologue that revisits the film and recent readings of it.

25th November 2015
British Academy: new series of workshops in the Humanities: first one on Freud.
More info here.

December 2015

MW's Alone of All Her Sex and Joan Of Arc will be re-published in paperback in December, more info soon.

2nd December 2015
'From Alexandria to Babel' Alberto Manguel reviews The Meaning of the Library', edited by Alice Crawford, published in The TLS 2nd December 2015, can be read in full here.

3rd December 2015
Marina Warner's diary published in The London Review of Books, volume 37 number 23, 3rd December 2015, pp46-47.

3rd December 2015
John Forrester: Historian and philosopher who wrote extensively on Freud and psychoanalysis - an obituary by Marina Warner was published in The Guardian 3rd December 2015 can be read here. The original version of the tribute can be read here.

Simon Schaffer's tribute can be found on the University of Cambridge Department of History and Philosophy of Science site here.

3rd December 2015
Reading the World: Challenging the Dynamics of Canon Formations
Senate House, London

Keynote Speaker - Marina Warner: 'Finding Words: The Shelter of Stories in Times of War'

Co-hosts: Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Studies and the Centre For Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies, School for Oriental and African Studies.

"There is nothing mysterious or natural about authority. It is formed, irradiated, disseminated... it has status, it establishes canons of taste and value; it is virtually indistinguishable from certain ideas it dignifies as true, and from traditions... and judgments it forms, transmits, reproduces. Above all, authority can, indeed must, be analyzed."
-Edward W. Said

Literature can no longer be defined by one agreed upon, hegemonic literary canon. Newly generated narratives reflect continually shifting local, national and global identities. Twenty-first century globalized world literature raises questions concerning what and how we read and which literary, historical and aesthetic frameworks are used to judge artistic work. Fundamental issues of visibility, linguistic differences and literary dissemination arise around questions of who is published, how literature is disseminated (or not) and who gets to decide what is worthy of serious consideration.The proliferation of festivals, prizes and world literature courses suggest that a body of agreed upon first-class, canonical literature exists. But in reality, processes of ongoing canon formation, exclusion, gate-keeping, implicit aesthetic assumptions and other 'bottlenecks' operate locally and transnationally to silence vital voices.
Marina Warner, novelist, short story writer, cultural historian, critic, mythographer and chair of the judges for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize will keynote the conference. . Her talk will reflect her profound engagement with literary shifts in our own complex, troubled time.
All details for this event can be found here.

4th December 2015
'Fly Away Home', by Marina Warner,reviewed by Imogen West-Knights in The Financial Times can be read in full here.

7th December 2015 7pm

The Art of Short Fiction: Helen Simpson and Marina Warner, in conversation at The London Review Bookshop.

Marina Warner wears many hats, as cultural critic, mythographer, historian and essayist, but one of her best-fitting hats is her writer of short fiction hat. Her latest volume is Fly Away Home (Salt). Helen Simpson may have fewer hats, but is nonetheless one of the finest writers of short stories in the language. Her latest collection is Cockfosters* (Cape). Marina Warner and Helen Simpson will be at the shop to read from and talk about their work, and to debate the status of short fiction in the literary canon.
Tickets and details can be found here.

8th December 2015
From 'Translumination or Travesty? The Passage into English' by Marina Warner published in In Other Worlds: The Journal for Literary Translators, Winter 2015, Number 46, pp 77-79, details can be found here.

12th December 2015
MW in interview with Maitreyabandhu at London Buddhist Centre as part of a series of 'Poetry East' events in association with London Review of Books - Lit.East. A film of the interview can be viewed here.

12th/13th December 2015
MW interviewed for The Financial Times' Small Talk, can be read here.




30th January 2016
This year's Malcolm Bowie Memorial Lecture, 'Proust and music, politics and flesh', will be delivered by Jacqueline Rose. The lecture will take place at 2:30 pm on 30 January 2016, at Room B04, Birkbeck School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PD London.
The lecture is open to the public; however, spaces will be limited. Book a free place on Eventbrite.
Details can be found here.








January 2015
Marina Warner,Noam Chomsky, AC Grayling and Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws answer the questions: What is Well-being? and How can Governments increase Well-being? as part of The British Academy YouTube, published on Jan 13 2015, here.



MW contributes 'Pierre Huyghe: Vacant Posession'to Robert Lehman Lectures on Contemporary Art No.5 , published by DIA Art Foundation, New York 2014, p129-147, info here.

25th January 2015
'Casting Spells: Marina Warner explores the history and enduring power of fairy tales', Aimee Bender's essay review of Once Upon A Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale by Marina Warner, published in The New York Times Book Review, January 25th 2015, page 14 can be read here.


February 2015

11th February 11, 201 4-6pm
Intercultural Tales - Intercultural Literary Practices
Radcliffe Humanities Building, 2nd Floor, Lecture Theatre
Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6GG
Hanan Al-Shaykh, Mohamed-Salah Omri (chair), Professor Marina Warner (respondent)
Claire Gallien (respondent)

The Lebanese author of contemporary literature, Hanan Al-Shaykh, will be in discussion with Dr Jane Hiddleston (MML) and Prof. Mohamed-Salah Omri (Oriental Studies), with Marina Warner and Claire Gallien as respondents.

All details can be found here.

February 2015
'Enchanted' Alberto Manguel's essay review of MW's Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale
published in Literary Review February 2015 pp47-48 can be read here.
More details can be found here.

March 2015

The Holberg Prize names British storyteller and fairytale critic Marina Warner as 2015 laureate.
Full information about the award and the programme ceremony from 7-11 June can be found here.

'Learning My Lesson: Marina Warner on the disfiguring of higher education' published in London Review of Books, Vol. 37 No. 6, 19 March 2015, pp 8-14 can be read here.

Marina Warner's 'Learning My Lesson' was the third of this year's LRB Winter Lectures at the British Museum, a podcast can be heard here.

March 2015
'Happily ever after' Francesca Wade reviews MW's Once Upon a Time and Naomi Mitchison's 'The Forth Pig' in Times Literary Supplement. , 13 March No.5841, pp3-4 the review can be read here.

19th March 2015, 9pm
BBC Radio 4 Broadcast
Afternoon Reading: 'The Family Friend' By Marina Warner. Egypt 1901, some English army officers indulge in fox-hunting. Read by popular veteran actor Alan Howard. Previously broadcast:
18 Oct 2007, 3.30pm on BBC Radio 4
19 Mar 2015, 11:00 am on BBC Radio 4 Extra
Stream here.

23rd March 2015 4pm
MW contributed to the The Wicked Queen produced by Cathy FitzGerald broadcast on BBC Radio 4, here.

The Wicked Queen responds to grey hair and crow's feet by trying to take her competition out of the running with a poison apple. Cathy FitzGerald investigates whether there are more productive ways to deal with ageing. Can she rescue the Queen from the mirror's spell?

24th March 2015
The Man Booker International Prize 2015
The short list of ten writers was announced in Cape Town, South Africa on March 2015.
More details can be found here and here.

The finalists for the 2015 Man Booker International Prize are announced by chair of judges Professor Marina Warner, at a press conference at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday 24 March 2015.


DIARY archive 2014-13

5th-23rd January 2014
J-Term NYU Abu Dhabi
Launch of Scheherazade's Children, eds. Philip Kennedy and Marina Warner.Info here.

24th February 2014
MW contributed ' Liberty - a few words' to the Writers At Liberty project launched online Monday 24th February 2014, to celebrate Liberty's 80th birthday. The piece can be read here.


25th February 2014
Wolfson College Life-Writing Seminar

March 2014
MW contributed 'On Magic' to A Symposium on Magic in The Threepenny Review Issue 137, Spring 2014 p16-17. Details here.

6th March 2014
MW contributed 'Short Cuts' to London Review of Books, Vol 36, Number 5, page 19 here


3rd March 2014 6-8pm

Essex Book Festival event - Tapestry
Professor Philip Terry talks about his new novel Tapestry,recently shortlisted for the Goldsmiths Prize 2013.Taking as its starting point marginal images in the Bayeux Tapestry, largely unexplained by historians, the book retells the story of the Norman Conquest from the point of view of the English nuns who embroidered the epic work in the 11th century.

Held at Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ
Part of the University's Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series 2013-14, more info here.

8th March 2014, 10:30am - 5:00pm
Essex Book Festival event - BONES

The Department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies at the University of Essex presents a thought-provoking day of talks, readings and discussions, bringing together writers, poets and artists to explore ideas inspired by the theme of bones, such as death, underworlds and extinction.
Speakers include writer Ken Worpole, poet and graphic artist Alan Halsey, poet Geraldine Monk, artist-film-maker Lynn MacRitchie, author Jay Griffiths, and Marina Warner, James Canton and Phillip Terry from the University of Essex.

Held at Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ


9th March 2014 9pm
MW interviewed for BBC Four documentary 'Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake' . The film can be watched here.

12th March 2014 6pm
Roberto Cavosi, Antony and Cleopatra at the Races,
Held at The Italian Institute, London, introduced by Marina Warner, more info here.

13th March 2014
MW introduces the Adhaf Souief Lecture, Khalili Theatre, SOAS,London, more info here.

Global Art Forum 8, Dubai
21st March 5-6pm
MW in Conversation with Omar Berrada as part of Meanwhile...History*, as part of the Global Art Forum 8, Dubai. Art Dubai, Mina A A'Salam, Madinat Jumerirah, Dubai

Meanwhile … Meanwhile: Lapses in Time and Narrative
How does a writer or a filmmaker skip forward or flash back? And how do they account for history's gaps, elisions, and returns? What exactly happens in the meanwhile, in the two months earlier, in the ever after? What is a narrative time lapse? Let's dwell on the meanwhile, on the ghosts of time, on what embodies and disembodies it. Let's dwell in the meanwhile.

John Akomfrah * (Artist, filmmaker and writer), Marina Warner (Writer). Hosted by Omar Berrada (Writer, translator, co-director of Dar al-Ma'mûn and co-director of Global Art Forum 8). The session's video montage by Hind Mezaina (Artist and writer/blogger). More details can be found here.

April 2014

09th April 2014
BBC RADIO 4 Broadcast
The Power and the Passion - Marina Warner on the power of places.
MW contributes to BBC Radio 4 Lent Talks, more details can be found here.

17th April 2014
'Story-Bearers', MW's essay review of Je parle toutes les langues, mais en arabe by Abdelfattah Kilito in London Review of Books Vol. 36 No. 8 4 pages 19-20 can be found here.


May 2014

08th May 2014
Marina Warner unlocks the cross-cultural secrets of the Arabian Nights by Clare Dight published in Abu Dhabi's The National on May 8, 2014 . The article can be read here.

08th May 2014
Critical Thinking #5: Marina Warner by Zeljka Marosevic, published in Prospect Magazine, the interview can be read here.

12th May 2014
'There's method in theatre's blood and gore'
Tragedies such as Titus Andronicus bring us face to face with intense violence. They also carry a vital contemporary message. Marina Warner in The Guardian, Monday 12 May 2014, page 22. The article can be read here.


15th May 2014
Fiction as Therapy: Towards a Neo-Phenomenological Theory of the Novel
Professor Patricia Waugh, chaired by Professor Marina Warner
The British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH
All details can be found here.

29th May 2014 11.30am
BBC Radio 4
MW interviewed for Radio 4's 'A German Genius in Britain' - documentary on W.G. Sebald. Can be streamed here.


June 2014

14th June 2014 2–3pm
St Anne's College will be running the first Oxford Translation Day, a celebration of literary translation consisting of workshops and talks throughout both days at St Anne's and around the city, culminating in the award of the Oxford-Weidenfeld Translation Prize.

A Discussion on World Literature: Marina Warner, Flora Drew and Rebecca Carter
The Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, OX1 2AQ

Marina Warner (writer, mythographer and Chair of Judges for the Man Booker International Prize), Rebecca Carter (publisher and literary agent) and translator Flora Drew in discussion about world literature and translation.

MW contributed to 'A Letter To An Unknown Soldier' - A series of WW1 Centenary Memorial Commissions

On Platform One of Paddington Station in London, there is a statue of an unknown soldier; he's reading a letter. On the hundredth anniversary of the declaration of war – in this year crowded with official remembrance and ceremony – we're inviting everyone in the country to pause, take a moment or two, and write that letter. All the letters the soldier receives will be published here, creating a new kind of war memorial – one made only of words.

MW's letter can be found here and more about the overall project can be found here.


MW contributed 'Nine' to 'Culture and Climate Change: Narratives, edited by Joe Smith, Renata Tyszczuk, Robert Butler published by Shed 2014. The book can be read and downloaded here.


July 2014

'Sarah Pickstone' An essay by Marina Warner in 'Park Notes- An Anthology of writing and art inspired by a London park' by Sarah Pickstone, published by Daunt Books, July 2014. Details here.


July 2014
Stranger Magic: Charmed States and the Arabian Nights by Marina Warner, review by Dominique Jullien
published in Marvels & Tales, Volume 28, Number 1, 2014 , pp. 203-2. Details can be found here.

MW elected Research Professorial Associate, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

MW contributed an edited version of her Lenten talk broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (March 2014) to St Mary's School Ascot Alumnae Association Magazine, Issue 11, Summer 2014 pp 24-25.


September 2014

1st September 2014
MW becomes Professor of English and Creative Writing, Birkbeck College, University of London. More information can be found here.

5-7th September 2014
'Sampling the Myth' Deloitte Ignite Festival, Royal Opera House, London MW writing accompanying texts
More details here

14-24th September 2014
Visiting Professor, University of Palermo

29th September 2014
Beginning of term at Birkbeck College

September 2014
'Devil's Dictionary' an essay review of Shakespeare's Demonology: A Dictionary, by Marion Gibson and Jo Ann Esra, can be found in Around the Globe Issue 58 Sutumn 2014, page 49 published by Shakespeare's Globe.


October 2014

MW contributed 'The Tortoiseshell Bag' published in AnOther Magazine, Issue 27, Winter 2014, guest edited by Sylvia Whitman, owner of Shakespeare and Company, Paris, info here.

Oxford University Press to publish 'Once Upon A Time - A Short History of Fairy Tale' by Marina Warner .
More details can be found here here. Reviewed by Amanda Craig in The Guardian here and in The Lady here.



08th October 2014
'The top 10 fairytales from Hans Christian Andersen to Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber, Marina Warner picks her favourite fairytales', here.
MW contributes to Books section of The Guardian, 08 October 2014. Can be read here.

10th October 2014 11.45am
Cheltenham Festival to present Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Myth
Held at The Inkpot, Imperial Square.

British writer and mythographer Marina Warner explores a multitude of tales through the ages, from Red Riding Hood to Hansel and Gretel, from The Little Mermaid to Pan's Labyrinth.More info here.


16 October 2014
Royal Society of Literature: Life With William Morris

Chairing Fiona MacCarthy talking on her show Anarchy & Beauty (National Portrait Gallery)
Held at Ondaatje Wing Theatre, National Portrait Gallery, London.

More info here.

17th October 2014
'"Your golden hair, Margerete…": Anselm Kiefer's symbolism and the language of fairy tale.'
Royal Academy, London

Anselm Kiefer has returned obsessively to the forests and mountains of the Grimm Brothers' tales and other German Romantic writings, and reworked the symbolic language of the folktale in his art. His fierce, contemplative imagination enters the darkness at the heart of this popular tradition. While many of the most loved stories (Cinderella, Snow White), are found all over the world, Kiefer has opened seams of his own history and culture, and made his art into acts of memory and mourning. Marina Warner, whose new book Once Upon a Time: A short history of fairy tale (OUP) explores the resonance of the tradition on other media, will explore Kiefer's imagery and concerns in the context of 'the fairy way of writing', which the Grimms did so much to define.

More info on this event canbe found here.


21st October 2014 6pm
'Poetry in Metamorphosis'

A day of readings and discussion at Italian Institute, London, convened by British School at Rome with British Comparative Literature Association.

British School at Rome: Poetry in Metamorphosis
A celebration of Italian Poetry and translation as part of the British Academy Guardian Language Festival and the Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo 2014. Held in London at the British Academy and the Italian Cultural Institute the day includes poetry readings by Philip Terry, Jamie McKendrick and Antonella Anedda.

Matthew Reynolds to introduce readings by Philip Terry (Essex) from Dante's Inferno
Marina Warner to introduce Jamie McKendrick's new translation of the poetry of Antonella Anedda. Held at Italian Cultural Institute, London. More info here. A PDF will all the event details can be found here.

23st October 2014
Publication day of Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Myth (OUP)
Paperback publication of Alone of All Her Sex:The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary and of Joan of Arc: The Image of Female Heroism (both OUP), more info here.


26 October to 3 November 2014
Invited by the American University in Cairo to give Edward Said Memorial Lecture (November 1) and another on Memoir and Fiction.


October 2014
MW has contrinuted an essay to 'David Parker: Myth and Landscape' published by Art Books Heidelberg (2014)
. More details can be found here.

Myths and legends have often been inspired and shaped by geologic landforms and similarly, British photographer David Parker uses the natural world as an arena for the personal exploration of new mythic, symbolic, and metaphoric motifs, a theme he previously developed in the award winning book The Phenomenal World (2001). Building on this
work, Myths and Landscape brings together images from Sirens and New Desert Myths, two larger projects created in parallel and sharing a common esthetic. For Parker the siren song is a call to contemplation, and his pictures chart many fascinated encounters with an enchanted world of forgotten archetypes, further exploring the tension between the temporal and eternal in our secular age.


Broadcast -- BBC Radio 4
MW's short story Mink was chosen as one of the BBC's favourite commissions of the last 10 years for a celebration of the Short story on BBC Arts online site - here's a link to the Short Stories page on the BBC Arts website.Listen here.

Mink - First broadcast 02 August 2013, part of ' Feminine Mystiques' By Marina Warner, read by Emma Fielding

Fifty years since the first publication of Betty Friedan's seminal feminist work The Feminine Mystique, Radio 4 has commissioned three leading writers to celebrate her influence in new short stories exploring the contemporary feminist landscape.Emma Fielding reads the first story in this series, by award winning writer and mythographer Marina Warner. Just as some of Angela Carter's short stories from The Bloody Chamber were first published in high fashion magazine Vogue, and Carter's retelling of fable and myth turned on the original meaning of 'glamour' as a spell, Marina Warner explores feminine mystique through a housewife in the 1950s who weaves hope and freedom into her longing for a mink coat.

More info here.

MW has contributed 'Helen - A Eulogy' to 'Helen Chadwick - Wreaths to Pleasure' published by Ridinghouse (2014). More details here.

MW has contributed the introduction to The Forth Pig by Naomi Mitchison, published by Princeton University Press / Princeton and Oxford 2014, pp1-23. More details can be found here.

'Judging panel for the Man Booker International Prize to visit Abu Dhabi'
Marina Warner interviewed for The National published on 30 October 2014, the interview can be read here.


November 2014

3-5 November 2014
Visiting Institute of the Humanities, New York University, Abu Dhabi.
Panel Discussion: Where is "World Literature"?

"World Literature" suggests a territory without borders, where writers and their readers enjoy international mobility and intelligibility. The judges of the Man Booker International Prize 2015 discuss the meaning of a term coined to cover contemporary developments in fiction and the changing map of literature. They ask whether writers can and should go global, like other travelling goods, and explore how translation affects writers, their work and their audiences.
More info here. 

20th November
Marina Warner was interviewed for DE GIDS Literary publication, Amsterdam. Details can be found here.

20th November 7pm
The Shirley Society Presents:
'Owls in the Ruins: The Fairy Way of Writing ' - Marina Warner gives a talk at The Rushmore London.


22nd November 2014
'Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale by Marina Warner review – wide-ranging and wonderful
From forest hut to Brothers Grimm to Frozen, this is a winning exploration of the scope and power of fairy stories. '
An essay review of MW's Once Upon a Time: A Short History of Fairy Tale by Kathryn Hughes, published in The Guardian Review 22 November 2014, page 9, can be read in full here.


30th November 2014 7.00 pm
Cambridge Literature Festival presenting Once Upon a Time
All details can be found here.

December 2014

08th December 2014
Marina Warner has writen an obituary for Radwa Ashour, ' Courageous Egyptian writer, academic and translator known for her Granada trilogy' in The Guardian Monday 8 December 2014. Can be read here.

12th December 2014
'How fairytales grew up - With Hollywood spending millions on new versions of age-old characters, from Frozen's Snow Queen to Cinderella, fairytales are more popular than ever. But they've had to adapt, with lots of dark twists and no more sweet, biddable girls' - an essay by Marina Warner published in The Guardian, 12 December 2014, can be read here.

17th December 2014
Lunchtime talk for OUP staff about Once Upon a Time.

Cavosi, Roberto, 'The School for Sons', play, translated by Enza De Francisci, with Marco Gambino and Marina Warner, in Pirandello Studies: The Journal of the Society for Pirandello Studies, Vol. 34 (2014), pp.73–79, Autumn 2014.

Marina Warner chose 'Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500 -1800', edited by Amelia Peck, (Thames and Hudson 2013), in 'Books of the Year 2014' published in The Art Newspaper, Issue 263 - December 2014, page 57

'How fairytales grew up - With Hollywood spending millions on new versions of age-old characters, from Frozen's Snow Queen to Cinderella, fairytales are more popular than ever. But they've had to adapt, with lots of dark twists and no more sweet, biddable girls' - an essay by Marina Warner published in The Guardian, 12 december 2014, can be read here.

Michael Dirda reviews Once Upon A Time in The Washington Post on 24 December 2014, can be read in full here.

Charles Euchner reviews Once Upon A Time in Globe Correspondent on 30 December 2014, can be read in full here.




4th September 2013
Times Literary Supplement
Marina Warner considers Edith Hall's "superb and richly detailed study" of how Goethe and Stalin, among others, obscured our understanding of Iphigenia's time beside the Black Sea. Details will be posted here.

MW contributed ' The First Time' The Story: Love, Loss & The Lives of Women: 100 Great Short Stories edited by Victoria Hislop published by Head of Zeus (2013), pp 395-402. Info here.

16th September 2013
Reading at Shakespeare & Co, Paris chaired by Anne Marsell.

30th September 2013 10am to 4pm
Voices without Borders
Travelling Tales and Literary Heritage
Several of Boccaccio's stories include special motifs and plots with links to the Arabian Nights. Above all, the general character of his storytelling reveals lively interactions across linguistic and political borders. Can literature offer a contrasting perspective on the conflicts of the past? Where are the borders in the sea of stories? Marina Warner will look at ways in which customary oppositions and divisions are treated in the wonder tale or marvellous fictions of the Mediterranean.
Held at Room 349, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

The British-Italian Society is supporting Boccaccio & Company: an introduction to the Decameron a special event organised by The British Library.

Organised by the Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London School of Advanced Study, in conjunction with the conference 'Boccaccio and Company: An Introduction to the Decameron' at the British Library (further details here.) For more details click here.


4th October 2013
Traveling Tales: The Arabian Nights in Europe
Public lecture, Leeds.Info here.


11th October 2013, 4pm
Cheltenham Festival

13th October 2013, 4- 6 pm
Wivwords Wivenhoe Literary Festival Reading. - details here.

14th October 6-7.30pm
Lecture at King's College Arts and Humanities Festival Being/Human. All details can be found here.

18th October 2013, 7pm
Marina Warner: Imaginary Time: Fairy Tale, Fiction & The Past as Prologue
A Writer's Talk event introduction and Q&A hosted by Dr Cleo Hanaway
Held at Quarter Horse Coffee House, 76 Cowley Road, Oxford
. Info here.

Marina Warner has contributed 'Writing to the Future' an essay on fairy tales in 'The Light Princess' programme, National Theatre October 2013, full details here.

23rd October 2013 6pm
BFI unveils Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film
MW gives launch discussion
More info here.

30th October 2013
Blackwells Bookshop, Oxford with Caspar Henderson - details here.
More info here. 


MW has contributed an essay to Aquatopia: The Imaginary of the Deep, edited by Martin Clark and Alex Farquarson, published by Tate Publishing 2013.

The art in Aquatopia has strong links with powerful literary archetypes, including The Odyssey, The Tempest, The Ancient Mariner, Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The richly illustrated catalogue, published by Tate St Ives and Nottingham Contemporary, includes newly commissioned and recent critical essays by leading thinkers and writers on the sea, including Philip Hoare, Marcus Rediker, Marina Warner, Kodwo Eshun, Simon Grant, David Toop and Celeste Olalquiaga, as well as a selection of classic literary extracts and texts.

Click here for full details of the publication and the exhibition at Tate St Ives.

6th November 2013
MW has contributed 'Intimate Communiqués: Melchior Lorck's Flying Tortoise' an essay in Seeing from Above: The Aerial View in Visual Culture', Dorrian, Mark ; Frederic Pousin (eds) published by Tauris London, November 2013. More details on the publication can be found here.
The book will be launched at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh on 6th November 2013.

6th November 2013, 5pm
Playwright ROBERTO CAVOSI: The School of Sons, Chaired by Prof Marina Warner, Performed by Marco Gambino, held at Bloomsbury Theatre, Rehearsal Rooms part of UCL Italian departmental series, Centre Stage, which combines talks on theatre with the practicality of the stage.
More details here or click on the image below.


8th November 2013
Francis Alys symposium Art Exchange, Univeristy of Essex More info here.

9th November 2013
Pirandello Symposium, London with Roberto Cavosi - details soon.


9th November 2013
The White Review, November online issue features Marina Warner and Clare Finburgh's new translations of the Moroccan poet Abdelfattah Kilito's 'miniatures' which can be read here.

14th November 2013, 4pm
Truman Capote Award Ceremony for Marina Warner, University of Iowa. More details here.

20th November 2013
Richard Hoggart lecture, Goldsmiths University, details to come here.
Postfeminist Discourse in Shakespeare's The Tempest and Warner's Indigo: Ambivalence, Liminality and Plurality, by Natali Boğosyan, published November 2012, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. A scrupulous study of Shakespeare's The Tempest and its most comprehensive rewriting Indigo, or Mapping the Waters by Marina Warner. More details can be found here.

MW become patron of Bloodaxe Books, more details can be found here.


4th December 2013, 6pm
Marina Warner in conversation with Jack Zipes, world-renowned scholar, story collector, story teller, and Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin University, held at Nihon Room at Pembroke College, Cambridge. For more info please click here.


5th December 2013
'At Camden Arts Centre' an essay review of Kara Walker's exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, London. Published in London Review of Books, Vol. 35 No. 23, 5 December 2013, page 41. The article can be read here.

9th December 2013
Mark Wallinger in conversation with Marina Warner
Part of Literature Autumn Season 2013 at Purcell Room, South Bank Centre

Mark Wallinger, one of the UK's leading contemporary artists and winner of the 2007 Turner Prize, has created a major new artwork for London Underground to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Labyrinth is a multi-part work on a huge scale -- a set of labyrinthine enamel plaques installed in every one of the tube's 270 stations. He talks to Marina Warner, the novelist and mythographer, about labyrinths, myths and mysteries.
All booking details can be found here.

16th December 2013
Christmas Lecture, Sheffield University, details here.

19th December 2013
'Here Be Monsters' MW's essay reviews of Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps
by Chet Van Duzer, Sea Monsters: A Voyage Around the World's Most Beguiling Map
by Joseph Nigg and Witches and Wicked Bodies an exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh and the British Museum, London, September 2014–January 2015, in New York Review of Books, December 19 2013, Volume LX, Number 20, pp 58-62. The articles can be read here.

19th December 2013
MW contributes Wrong Kind of Noise, an essay review of Silence: A Christian History by Diarmaid MacCulloch published in The London Review of Books Vol. 35 No. 24 , pages 29-3. The article can be found here.

Scheherazade's Children: Global Encounters with the Arabian Night, edited by
Philip F. Kennedy and Marina Warner published by NYU Press. More information here.



24-29th April 2013
MW to give lecture at the 3rd NGC Bocas Lit Fest, based in Trinidad and Tobago, the annual celebration of books, writing, and writers. More details can be found here.

9-10th May 2013
Ovid and Seamus Heaney  - seminar and readings, American Academy, Rome.

2013 Warwick Prize for Writing Member of Judging Panel

Professor Ian Sansom will chair the panel of five judges : Vice-Chancellor of Monash University, Professor Ed Byrne and
writer of fiction, criticism and history, Professor Marina Warner.
The longlist for the 2013 Warwick Prize for Writing will be announced in May 2013, the shortlist
in June/July 2013 and the winner in August/September 2013.
Full details can be found here.

16th March 2013
Talking on Water with Maggi Hambling, Caspar Henderson, James Attlee and many others. Day of readings and discussion about water in literature and science. Essex Book Festival 2013.
More details can be found here.

16th March 2013, 10.30am - 5.00pm
'Talking on Water' As part of The Essex Book Festival 2013.
Lakeside Theatre, Colchester Campus

A day of talks, readings and presentations on the theme of water, bringing together artists, writers and scientists. Contributors include artist Maggi Hambling, writer James Attlee and writer and journalist Caspar Henderson with additional contributions from Marina Warner, James Canton, Adrian May and Phillip Terry of the University's Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies.
More detail can be found here.

9th March 2013
Ronald Blythe at 90  - Day of celebration at Stoke-by-Nayland church, Suffolk.  

2nd March 2013
Marina Warner's Stranger Magic winner of Critcism section at National Book Critics Circle Awards Ceremony for Publishing Year 2012.
Full details can be found here.

2nd March 2013
Walsingham lecture. More details coming soon.

25th February 2013
'Marina Warner and the cult of Mary'
Marina Warnertalks to Peter Stanfor about the reissue of her study on the cult of the Virgin Mary for The Telegraph, 25th February 2013. The article can be read here.

Winter 2012 - Online stream
Moby Dick Big Read
MW reads 'Moby Dick' by Herman Melville, chapter 102: A Bower in the Arsacide, introduced by Peter Donaldson with artwork by Jem Finer.

Artist Angela Cockayne and writer Philip Hoare convened and curated a unique whale symposium and exhibition at Peninsula Arts, the dedicated contemporary art space at Plymouth University, under the title, Dominion. Inspired by their mutual obsession with Moby-Dick and with the overarching subject of the whale, they invited artists, writers, musicians, scientists and academics to respond to the theme.
More readings and full details can be found here.

20 th December 2012
'At The V&A'an essay review in London Review of Books, Volume 34 Number 24 pages26 . The article can be read here.

December 2012
MW contributed 'On The Threshold: Sleeping Beauties', in On Dolls edited by Kenneth Gross, Published by Notting Hill Editions Ltd 2012, pp 108-12. Details can be found here.

29th November 2012
MW contributed to The Guardian Books of the Yerar 2012, the article can be read here.

23rd November 2012
Stranger Magic was twice listen in The Guardian Books of the Year 2012, the article can be read here.

8th November 2012
'Our Lady of Counterculture: The Lives of The Virgin Mary' in London Review of Books, Volume 34, Number 21,
pages 9-11. The article can be read here.

20th September 2012, 1130am.
MW interviewed for 'True Tales from the Crypt' Roger Luckhurst's investigation into the mummy curse on BBC Radio 4. Details can be found here.

13 September 2012
'In Hell' an essay review of The Fate of rural Hell: asceticism and Desire in Buddhist Thailand by Benedict Anderson for London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 17, page 29. The review can be found here.

30 August 2012
'Of Time and Temples' published in Letters, London Review of Books Vol. 34 No. 16, page 5. Can be read here.

17th October 2012
Carol Mavor, Black and Blue – In conversation for launch of her book at Photographers' Gallery

19 October 2012, 6.30pm
Shakespeare, London Review of Books Debate at British Museum.

A panel of prominent scholars – Colin Burrow, University of Oxford, Michael Dobson, Director, Shakespeare Institute, James Shapiro, Columbia University, Emma Smith, University of Oxford, and Marina Warner, University of Essex – will discuss whether Shakespeare should be considered our contemporary, or as a difficult, distant historical ‘other’.

More details here.

November 2012
The Katharine Briggs Award 2012
MW's Stranger magic: Charmed States & The Arabian Nights has been shortlisted for The Katharine Briggs Award 2012 . To be held at the Warburg Institute, London.

17th November 2012
Aldeburgh Documentary Festival (16-18 Nov 2012).
MW in a discussion and Q&A with Jeff Malmberg chaired by Diana Quick, after a screening of Malmberg's documentary 'Marwencol' at 10am on Saturday 17th November.

2nd December 2012
Dom Sylvester Houedard – Taking part in event at South London Gallery.

6th December 2012
'Everybody's Joan' - An essay on Joan of Ar, for London Review of Books, Vol 43. No 23. 6th December 2012, pages 11-14. The essay can be read here.

4th February 2013
Judge for the John Florio Prize Awards party.

23rd March – 2nd April 2013
Creative Writing course, Calcutta, India, with Amit Chaudhuri. UEA and British Council.

25th -28th April 2013
BOCAS Literature Festival, Trinidad

8th -11th July 2012
'Migration' BCLA conference, University of Essex. More details here.

22nd – 24th July 2012
ICLA Conference, Paris. Chairing panel on 'Disintegration and Integration in Comparative Literature'. More details here.





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